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When I first posted this Image last year on my Facebook Page, It recieved almost 8,800 views within a couple of days.

I was thrilled when approached by Sky Views Inc. to use the image as well as some other images for the cover of the 2013-2014 seasonal visitor's guide maps.

Skyviews Inc. based in Barbados makes colourful maps of 12 of the Caribbean islands and are used as marketing tools at trade fairs and related promotional conventions.
The exposure reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Caribbean every year.

These images are also available to download for free use at my Free WallPaper's Gallery


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2014 Mr. Caribbean Contest Winner - Kadeen Tyson https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/3/2014-mr-caribbean-contest-winner---kadeen-tyson Early last year I had an opportunity to get up-close and personal with Kadeen Tyson in a one-on-one photoshoot. See these "never before released photos" of the man who was awarded 2014 Mr. Caribbean.

The photos were taken for the 2013 Nevis Culturama Mr. Kool contest. Kadeen was one of 5 contestants competing for the title and went on to secure the Mr. Caribbean contest hosted in Dominca. Congrats Kadeen...a well deserved win.

Any of these images are available to share for free to social media sites, or can be purchased in a print size up to 8x10. They are also available for download for web use for a small fee of $25 USD. Please visit the gallery http://ianholyoak.com/kadeen to make your purchase. Upon downloading, the watermark will be removed.

ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) 2013 Mr Cool 2014 Charlestown Ian Holyoak Indies Kadeen Tyson Mr Caribbean Nevis Nevis Photography Pictures West beautiful close up contest contestant face images images of Nevis island male men model photos pictures https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/3/2014-mr-caribbean-contest-winner---kadeen-tyson Thu, 06 Mar 2014 14:14:41 GMT
360degree High-Resloution Panorama of Pinneys Beach, Nevis https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/2/3-5gb-high-resolution-360degree-panorama-of-pinneys-beach-nevis 2014 marks a brand new year of change for Ian Holyoak Photography. In addition to the services already offered which includes professionally retouched custom Commercial advertising images, wedding photography, business and family portrature, architectural and residential high-end imagery, This year I will be introducing High-def broadcast quality video, underwater video, quadcopter drone phototography and video, along with Gigapan size panoramas and 360 degree by 180 degree Panoramas.

What does that mean for you, the customers? The best quality media for your presentations is right here in the Caribbean at your fingertips.

Check out this Extremely sharp hi-res interactive 360 degree panorama taken of Pinney's Beach, Nevis. Just outside of the world famous Beach bar "Sunshine's". This 3.55Gb sized file is compiled of 66 separate images. The uploaded version was shrunk down to 377mb, which is still large enough to maintain pretty good resolution.

Mobile devices are fed a smaller compressed version, so for the full experience, I recomend viewing full screen on your computer monitor. See how far you can zoom into the picture and check out all of the details. The image is hosted at the world's leading site for 360 panoramas...360Cities. Linked into Google maps, this panorama has earned a spot in the ever growing online interactive world of High resolution, next generation photography.


Pinneys Beach. Nevis. West Indies in caribbean

How's it made?

It is a compilation of shots, all taken in 3 exposures per frame, blended together and then stiched into one continuous image. After the intial setup of leveling the shooting platform, I captured the scene 3 separate times and chose the most desirable frames to use for the final output.

After a week of blending and stitching, tweaking and detailing I finally had my 3.55Gb 8bit Tiff file ready to upload. The Nevis island internet has definetly room for improvement, and after a week of attempting to upload with the service cutting in and out, I finally gave up, shrank the file size down and was able to complete the upload.

See if you can find this little girl running around

Thanks for Viewing and for your continued support,


ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) 360 Beach Def High Nevis Panorama Pictures Pinneys Sunshine's bar images of photos https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/2/3-5gb-high-resolution-360degree-panorama-of-pinneys-beach-nevis Sat, 01 Feb 2014 17:42:27 GMT
Doing My Part in Helping to Promote Cancer Awareness on Nevis https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/1/taking-my-part-in-promoting-cancer-awareness If you've been in Nevis over the past few months, no doubt you have seen the flyers and posters plastered all over the island.

The Nevis Maternal Health Fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Health launched a campaign to raise awareness and answer questions about cancer. The Campaign was titled "Loving Touch, Gentle Exam".

I was asked to be a volunteer and bring my Photography skills to the table. Without hesitation I quickly agreed and immediately we got the project underway. I was blessed to meet some of the strongest women that I have ever met, all sharing a common denominator…Their passion for banding together, supporting each other and Spreading an important meassge to the community.

These beautiful women came from all walks of life, as cancer doesn’t discriminate about age, gender or race. Together, they support each other and are reaching out to the community to raise awareness and provide information. The campaign sought to meet ladies in an environment where they were comfortable to interact directly with the doctors and nurses, to ask questions and share concerns regarding this disorder.

The First of the images was to be a combination of graphics and group Photography to create a logo. 

The key and vital message throughout the campaign and what we hope everyone reading this article would take seriously is that EARLY DETECTION ...DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! As regards cervical cancer.... if you are a woman and are sexually active you need to have an annual pap smear an examination that screens for changes in the cervix and vagina. Pap smears are available at the health centres in St. Kitts –Nevis FREE of charge or by private doctors. Cancer doesn't wait for you to become old, It can affect  any age. This images shows that even as a young woman, you may be asking "Am I at risk?"

Women are also recommended to have regular mammograms from the age of 40 or earlier if they have concerns or if  there is family history of breast cancer. A part of this current campaign also involves free screenings and mammograms for several ladies based on clinical criteria. Nevis has Mamogram Screening, here is the equipment which may change people's lives.


The message was and is Clear..."We have information for you. You have support. We have the ability for early detection".

You have to be a fighter, don't be afraid...Together, We can Fight back. You don't have to be alone. You can beat Cancer.

As Regards Breast Cancer...Women are encouraged to know their own breasts, to learn how to feel, touch and look for any changes and to early seek medical help if any change is noted. Learning how to perform a self breast exam is vital to early detection.   

These beautiful women have found support and friendship with each other. They know that they are not alone.

The Awareness Campaign has already proven to be a huge success drawing the attention of both men and women.

Meetings have been held in every Parish throughout the island starting in St. Paul’s and culminating in St. John’s. At each meeting two short locally produced films were the launch pad for the discussions. Both films were the brain child of Dr Jessica Bardales (a cancer patient herself) a strong and dedicated clinician with a deep passion to fight against this scourge with every cell within her. Interestingly the first film (focusing on cervical cancer) was created before she even knew that an errant cancer cell was targeting her too. However her experience and struggles with cancer made her even more resilient  and so with the help of fellow professional colleagues,  ‘film making’ friends ,volunteers and other cancer survivors and fighters the second film was produced and was viewed as the launch pad for discussions at each gathering .

Her first reaction when discovering she had Cancer, like anyone with the same discovery was fear and anger.

 But thanks to Knowledge and support from Loving family and Community, She sees a different perspective.

The Nevis Maternal Health Fund is a local charity started by Dr Jessica Bardales in 2004 with a small group of dedicated volunteers / members. Dr Bardales has offered free screening and pelvic examinations on a Saturday, once a year since 2004 with the help of medical students from MUA and the NMHF members. While she has been doing her examinations some of the volunteers have been running a ‘Good as New’ stall and selling donated food items to swell the funds, which have proved to be very popular.   The NMHF has raised considerable funds to enhance the health and well being of women in Nevis. Some years ago it was able to purchase a modern delivery bed and 2for the maternity ward. 2 fetal heart monitors for maternity ward at Alexandra Hospital. More recently it has funded equipment to diagnose and treat pre cancerous cervical conditions. It has also been helping enhance the hospital operating theatre storage and staff areas. The overall goal of the NMHF is the enhancement and wellbeing of the reproductive health of the women of Nevis.

Check out This beautiful Message That Jessica puts out there in this Moving video.

Once again, I am honored to help spread an important and neccesary message. My life will be forever changed, being touched by these powerful women.


ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) Awareness Bardeles Cancer Charlestown Jessica Loving Nevis exam gentle touch https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/1/taking-my-part-in-promoting-cancer-awareness Sun, 05 Jan 2014 15:56:15 GMT
Charlestown, Nevis West Indies 65 Megapixels Interactive Panorama https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/1/charlestown-nevis-west-indies-interactive-panorama---view-full-screen This is the main Entrance into Nevis. When you first approach by Ferry. Explore this 65 megapixal image and become immersed as you Scroll and Zoom around This image of Charlestown at the foot of Mount Nevis. Best viewed in Full Screen mode for the fine detail.  

To browse and Shop for other Fine high quality photos of Nevis, be sure to check out the 2014 Caribbean Images Gallery on my website. A new Stock Photography Collection which will continue to grow as more fantastic content becomes available.

ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) Charlestown Ian Holyoak Indies Kitts Nevis Nevis Photography Panorama Saint West images of Nevis https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2014/1/charlestown-nevis-west-indies-interactive-panorama---view-full-screen Sun, 05 Jan 2014 00:35:25 GMT
Staying in Luxury and living the good Life in Nevis https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2013/12/staying-in-luxury-and-living-the-life-in-nevis My Photography brings me to so many places and covers a diversity of people, products, architecture and landscapes. I aim to bring the highest level of quality to every customer. Recently addded to services in 2013 which I offered,  was the introduction of Hi-Def video.

Being one of the few Professional Photographers on Nevis, or in Nevis, I am asked a lot to shoot commissioned work which includes a lot of Real Estate. There are many fantastic places to stay on Nevis and along with that comes competition to attract tourists, buyers and visitors.

What's important to make Your place stand out from everyone else, is Providing colorful, clear crisp images and/or video in a strong online presence. With no exception to that is this recent project completed  for Chrishi Beach Club and the ZenithNevis project. This was a fun shoot to work on, with a great team, which took many days of shooting - waiting for the right sky, prepping the area, shooting from the land, the water, day and night shots as well as some time lapse footage. The end result was all put together into this 4 minute+ video shot in 1920x1080 High Def.

Check out the video below....

1920x1080p - 44.8Mb

The Owners, also needed some vibrant imagery of the Property and I was happy to bring my 20 years of Post production skills to the table and provide them with the images below. Most of the images were Taken from blending 9 separate exposures together. A process known as HDR Photography. Then a time-consuming post production technique is used to reach into the blackest and whitest part of the images to pull out details. All images are shot using one of the finest DSLR cameras available today, The Nikon D800. With it's stellar 36 Megapixel state of the art sensor, and it's ability to capture perfect color, makes it a very valuble tool to shoot architectural images. Any one of these images could be printed in Very Large format and look fantastic.

If you're a Perspective Client, Shopping around for High Definition Images to promote your product or business, This is just a Sampling of what you can expect. You can easily find a contact button at the top of this page to send me any inquiry's or questions that you may have. Thanks for looking!

Peace, Ian

ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) Chrishi ZenithNevis beach caribbean images of Nevis photography places to stay resorts https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2013/12/staying-in-luxury-and-living-the-life-in-nevis Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:26:43 GMT
Nevis Island 2013 Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2013/9/nevis-island-2013-ocean-conservancy-international-coastal-cleanup  

Nevis Island, West Indies... known for its laid back, and non-commercial, fun and relaxed vibe. Nevis is a quiet remote place in the Caribbean unlike any other island. There is a real sense of community and harmony. It is a place where a friendly smile and wave are sincere and genuine.

When the World Ocean Conservancy announced Sept 21st 2013 as the international Beach Cleanup day, Community volunteers on Nevis stepped up once again to organize an island wide clean-up of the entire perimeter where the land touches the sea.

 Mrs. Joan Robinson, who was a director of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society at the time, was the first to organize the event in 1991. She did it for many years and Miriam Stout Knorr started helping her. Mrs. Robinson became ill and passed away.  Kay Loomis organized it one year and since then, Miriam has been Organizer for the last 12 years.

The Solid Waste Management Authority has been the organizations government partner from the beginning …they coordinate the collection of the reused food bags filled with litter along the Main Island Road and take them to the solid Waste facility without charging any tipping fee. In Previous years, Volunteers picked up over 7000 pounds and the savings was substantial.

The Minister of Tourism, The Hon Mark Brantley, came to assist with the cleanup and then speak to the crowd at the after Party Lunch. Miriam gave him a personal invitation to come along with the statistics from last year.

Gary Colt, Owner and Founder of Coconut Grove hosted the Lunch after-party for hundreds of hungry and thirsty volunteers at his restaurant located on Pinney’s Beach.

 None of this could have been possible without the generous sponsors of this event:

 IFG Trust Services,( the biggest donor for the last 5 years),

 Coconut Grove, Four Seasons, Valu Mart, Rams, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Carib Breweries, LIME, TDC, Super Foods, NHCS, Oualie Beach Hotel, Miriam and Greg Knorr, Becky and Woody Byrant, Nevis Hydroponic Gardens, Barbara and Sandy Littlepage, Karen Koch, Bonnie Berlinghoff , Zelly's Upholstery,  Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Star Charters, XPetrol Gas Station and E and F Gas Station.

The volunteers came from NGO's , churches, youth groups, hotels, restaurants, real estate companies,  off-shore companies schools and "friends of beaches".

St. Kitts has their own Ocean Conservancy coordinator, Andy Blanchete from the Dept. of Planning and Environment but Miriam organized 2 groups in St. Kitts to participate next Saturday when St. Kitts is having their cleanup.

St. Kitts

Operation Future-Bassesterre waterfront

Timothy Beach Hotel-Frigate Bay


Friends of Paradise Beach-Paradise Beach, Island Life to Nelson Spring

Dharmic Sabha Group-Road to Paradise Beach over to Paradisio

NHCS-Coconut Walk

Gingerland Secondary School-Coconut Walk

Ministry of Tourism-Windward Beach

Four Seasons-Pinney's Beach and Pinney's wetland

Four Seasons Resort-underwater, Pinney's Beach

Lyn Jeffer's School-Pinney's Beach

Charlestown 6th Form College-Pinney's Beach

Cadets-Tamarind Bay

Pink Lily, Nevis Press Group-Road to Pinney's Beach and restaurant and bar area

Brother Anslyn, Arthur English,   and Frank Morse-Gallow's Bay underwater

Girl Guides-Gallow's Bay

St. Theresa's Catholic Church-Charlestown graveyard and vendor's area

Nevis Turtle Group-Lover's Beach

Friends of Jones Bay-Jones Bay

Shekinah Dance Group-Bath Stream

Hope- Bath Stream,  by Main Island Road                                    

Friends of Oualie Beach Hotel-Oualie Beach Hotel

Oualie Beach Hotel-Airport Beach

Latitude Seventeen Crew-Windward Beach

Nisbet Plantation-Nisbet Plantation and Herbert's Beach

Sugar Mill Realty-Cliffdweller's Beach

Medical University of the Americas- Beach below the school

Mt. Nevis Hotel-Pizza Beach, the hotel's beach restaurant

The Honourable Alexis Jeffers,  Newcastle Marina

Associated Trustees Limited-Paradise Beach, ClaShaDel to Island Life

Jason Molle-Oualie Beach underwater 

Bank of Nevis-Hunkin's Drive, Charlestown waterfront

Gingerland Secondary School-Hunkin's Drive ,Charlestown waterfront

Friends of Paradise Beach-Nelson Spring Condo to Montpelier Beach

Nevis Turtle Group gets a special mention not only for their cleaup efforts, but also for their dedication to protecting Sea Turtles that come to nest on the beaches of Nevis. This young group led by Lemuel Pemberton has spent many sleepless nights, relocating nests which were in danger of beach erosion, as well as covering tracks left by nesting turtles. More to come in another blog, after spending some time with them late nights on the beach.

A Special Thanks to everyone who assisted in Making the 2013 Nevis Beach Cleanup as well as the after part a great success. If I missed you, I apologize and will edit this post after I receive all of the stats. Feel free to go to this gallery of images at my Website and download free full size resolution images.

ian@ianholyoak.com (Ian Holyoak Photography) 2013 Beach Cleanup Ian Holyoak Nevis Nevis Photography Ocean Consevancy https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2013/9/nevis-island-2013-ocean-conservancy-international-coastal-cleanup Tue, 24 Sep 2013 01:30:44 GMT
St. Kitts and Nevis Photographer - Ian Holyoak Photography https://www.ianholyoak.com/blog/2013/8/st-kitts-and-nevis-photographer---ian-holyoak-photography If you're searching for a high quality professional photographer on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, Ian Holyoak Photography should be your number 1 pick, hands down. His attention to every detail, composition, lighting, clairity and his outstanding 20 years+ of post production experience assures his clients consistant, high-end imagery in every shot delivered.

Armed with pro-gear, fast lenses and an array of high-end off camera lighting, Ian holyoak Photography has the gear and experience to handle any kind of challenging lighting situation. Ian has integrated himself with partner labs in the USA, Canada and England to deliver the highest quality printed media shipped anywhere in the world. All images are available at his website for proofing, purchase and download.

Ian recently relocated to the island of Nevis in January 2013, after moving from San Diego, California. His San Diego experience involved product shoots, architecture, commercial advertisment and portraiture with many actors, actresses and fashion models. Ian also was co-organizer of 5 different photography groups with a combined member count exceeding 3500. Ian taught work shops on lighting and post processing and organized numerous events on a weekly basis. Upon on arrival on Nevis, Ian quickly adapted and evolved into a solid community player, donating time for important projects such as cancer awareness and sea turtle conservancy as well as generous donations of island images for tourism promotion. Ian started an new photography group on Nevis to bring like minded individuals together. If you have an interest to join, please CLICK HERE to goto the group page.


Ian was recently commissioned by the Nevis government to provide studio images for the federation's annual Culturama festival. The images promoted the most beautiful young men and women of the island competing for the Miss Swimware, Mr. Cool , and Miss Culture. The winner  competes for Miss Caribbean. The images were published throughout the Carribean and used in multiple publications from posters to billboards and tv.

For the upcoming 2013-2014 tourist season, you can secure Ian for a personalized 2 hour session for as little as $500 USD, or up to 5 days of Group and event shooting starting at $15,000 USD. Ian will aslo be available for commercial work, commisioned jobs, as well as shooting your wedding.

Plans for the upcoming season?...Video, underwater photography and more!

Stay tuned, keep informed and become a follower of this blog.


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